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Tyrolean Salami Mix

Ideally matched

The HANDL TYROL Tyrolean salami snack combines two types of very finely sliced salami into one mixed platter. For a complex enjoyment experience.

HT Salami Jause 4AT appetizer_thymian_mild_tyrolini_XXL
More variety for salami lovers.
Pfefferkörner dunkel Handl Tyrol


5 Wacholder Handl Tyrol


7 Salzkörner Handl Tyrol

Sea Salt

pfefferschalebunt Handl Tyrol


5 Wacholder Handl Tyrol



Traditionally produced and mildly smoked over beech wood, the two varieties develop their unmistakable taste. The Brettlsalami is coarse-grained, strong and refined with juniper and the Almsalami is fine and mild. Produced from 100% highest quality Austrian meat.

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  • Traditional manufacturing
  • High degree of maturity for a special aroma
  • Produced from 100% highest quality Austrian meat.
  • Without the addition of flavor enhancers
  • Lactose and gluten free
Nutritional values / Ingredients

Goes perfectly with

Red Wine
Red Wine
pfefferschalebunt Handl Tyrol


8 salzschalehell Handl Tyrol

Sea Salt

21 basilikum Handl Tyrol

Basil & Pepper

Buchenholz Handl Tyrol

Smoking and Maturation

The slight smoky note and the long maturing in the Tyrolean Mountain air give the salami duo its unmistakable, typically Tyrolean character.

Original Tiroler Spezialitäten Handl Tyrol
22 rosmarin Handl Tyrol


36 Petersilie Handl Tyrol


Honesty is the best policy

The constantly high quality and safety of all HANDL TYROL bacon, ham, raw sausage and roast specialities was and is at the core of our company philosophy. Thanks to our passion for always doing better, HANDL TYROL guarantees only selected high quality cuts of meat from controlled origins, carefully selected suppliers and constant, independent internal and external inspections.

Quality Guarantee

DLG gold award for the best

The DLG gold award for the best is only awarded to companies that have succeeded in winning prizes over the course of the annual DLG-quality tests for over 5 years. Here at HANDL TYROL, we are especially proud of this award as it confirms consistent product quality over the course of 25 years.

  • choice meat
  • controlled origin
  • extremely careful selection of suppliers
  • tested product quality
  • internal and external inspections
Speckmeister-Tipp HANDL TYROL
Doodle Mountain HANDL TYROL
A True Tyrolean "Marend"

The Tyrolean "Marend" is a delicious snack between meals to give you a boost in the late afternoon or early evening. Traditional delicacies such as hearty Tiroler Speck PGI, some cheese and a good farmhouse bread are typically enjoyed.

Pfannenwender Handl Tyrol
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