Friends & Partners

Many friendships are cemented over a hearty "Marend". Here you’ll find our friends and cooperative partners, with whom we share a love for Tyrol, the mountains, and a love for quality.

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Austrian Alpine Association

HANDL TYROL supports the Austrian Alpine Association in maintaining the trails and lodges.

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AMA Seal

The AMA seal is the most important and most well-known quality seal for food in Austria.

Bauernbund Handl Tyrol Bauernbund Handl Tyrol

Tyrolean Farmers’ Union

The Tyrolean Farmers’ Union is the association of Tyrolean farmers and farm youth and is therefore an important partner for HANDL TYROL.

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Trofana Tyrol

Trofana Tyrol - if you are on your way through the Oberinn Valley and wish to stop off for a good meal and a drink, don’t pass up a chance to stop at this rest station.

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Tirol Werbung

Together with Tirol Werbung we are ambassadors for Tyrolean cuisine and take this beyond the borders of Tyrol as well.

Bund der Lebensmittelmeister Handl Tyrol Bund der Lebensmittelmeister Handl Tyrol

Association of Food Industry Managers

The Association of Food Industry Managers promotes the training of skilled workers in the food industry and experience exchange within the industry.