Tyrolean “Marend”

Speckmeister-Tipp HANDL TYROL

Tyrolean “Marend”

Speckmeister-Tipp HANDL TYROL

Tyrolean “Marend”

Speckmeister-Tipp HANDL TYROL

Tyrol’s cuisine comes together on the board

In Tyrol, cuisine and conviviality are inseparable. A Tyrolean “Marend” invites you to get to know one another while hiking or resting at the lodge, makes friends of enemies and unites Tyrol’s culinary highlights on one board.

It’s a special feature of the Tyrolean way of life and is testimony to a tradition of enjoyment: A Tyrolean Marend, a snack between meals in the late afternoon or early evening, where typical Tyrolean delicacies are enjoyed.

Ingredients of an original Tyrolean Marend

The most important component is original Tiroler Speck PGI, finely cut in slices, strips – known as “Stifterln” – or cubes, each providing a different taste experience.

Tyrolean raw sausages always belong on the board at a Tyrolean Marend. Tyrolean Bergwurz, Tyrolean Kaminwurzerl or Tyrolean Hunter's Sausage go excellently with Tiroler Speck PGI and are sliced finely with a sharp knife.

And of course, one mustn't forget a good mountain cheese or some fresh Tyrolean farmhouse bread.

In Tyrol, a fitting end to such a meal is a glass of original Tyrolean fruit schnapps (“Obstler”)– for the adults, at least.

Tyrolean Marend Ham Raw Sausages Handl Tyrol
The right way to cut ham is a matter of faith for many Tyroleans.

How to present a typical Tyrolean speck platter

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Doodle Mountain HANDL TYROL
Cutting Tiroler Speck PGI properly!

The right way to cut speck is a matter of faith for many Tyroleans. Try different ways! Every one develops its own flavour nuances.

The history of the Marend

The origins of the Marend were as a snack for hard-working Tyrolean farmers who used it to fill up on energy between meals. Back then, a simple Marend was composed of potatoes, milk and bread, since speck or ham and cheese were only available to the wealthier farmers.

Today, the Marend is an expression of Tyrolean conviviality in its culinary form and gathers everyone together, whether its on a hike, a climb or at home. A Marend is enjoyed alone only in exceptional circumstances, it’s much better to enjoy it together as a group.

Tyrolean Marend at your dining table

Of course you can also enjoy a real Tyrolean Marend at home - no matter where that might be. With the HANDL TYROL Speck Platter you bring the three most popular types of Tiroler Speck PGI right to your dining table. Just add a few Tyrolean Kaminwurzerl, typical Tyrolean mountain cheese and some freshly baked farmer's bread and you've got yourself a delicious Tyrolean culinary experience!

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