Our meat's origin

Our meat's origin

Genuine Tyrolean with proven background - 100% traceability

HANDL TYROL’s purchasing policy is clearly prescribed when it comes to raw ingredients. We use only the best meat from controlled origins in Austria and Germany. Independent certifications guarantee foodstuffs of the best quality and highest degree of safety and promote our customers’ trust in us.

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Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Honest Tyroleans have always been at home at HANDL TYROL. Only here will you find all 5 varieties (Ham, Loin, Pork Belly, Shoulder and Neck) of Tiroler Speck, carrying the PGI symbol. 
The abbreviation PGI stands for “protected geographical indication” and guarantees that all the speck made by HANDL TYROL is genuinely Tyrolean. The protected geographical indication (PGI) for "Tiroler Speck" guarantees the validity of the geographical origin and compliance with defined production steps across the whole production process.
  • Quality label for customers’ safety
  • The strictest manufacturing guidelines
  • Precisely defined region of origin
  • Protecting cultural heritage