Tyrolean Raw Sausage Specialities

Hunter's Sausage

The perfect hiking snack

The Hunter's Sausage is a typical square raw sausage from Tyrol. This Tyrolean speciality has always been used as a snack on hikes in the mountains. 

Hunter's Sausage 1 pair Handl Tyrol Carnation Tyrolean Hunter's Sausage Handl Tyrol
An ideal hiking snack
Pfefferkörner dunkel Handl Tyrol


1 Knoblauch einzeln Handl Tyrol


7 Salzkörner Handl Tyrol

Sea Salt

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5 Wacholder Handl Tyrol


Traditionally made

We are particularly proud that our raw sausage specialities are still traditionally made according to our own recipe, with plenty of love. The Hunter’s Sausages get their unique aroma from being lightly smoked over beech wood and dried in fresh Tyrolean mountain air.

Tyrolean raw dry-cured sausages Handl Tyrol
  • Made according to traditional methods
  • Lightly smoked over beech wood
  • Dried in clear mountain air
  • Without additional flavour enhancers
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free
Nutritional values / Ingredients

Goes perfectly with

Summit snack
Summit snack
9 Salzschale dunkel Handl Tyrol

Sea Salt

Gewuerzschale hell Handl Tyrol

Natural Spices

klee Handl Tyrol
Buchenholz Handl Tyrol

Lightly smoked over beech wood

The classic flavour of Hunter’s Sausages comes from a long period of light smoking over beech wood. Today, just as it has always been.

Traditionally smoked over beech wood

That’s how Tyrolean raw sausage specialities are made

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Original Tiroler Spezialitäten Handl Tyrol
tomaten Handl Tyrol

Tomatoes & Basil

20 ruccola Handl Tyrol


Honesty is the best policy

Did you know that the history of Tyrolean raw sausage specialities began over a hundred years ago with the “Boxele”, invented by Karl C. Handl? It’s no wonder that these Tyrolean specialities are an essential part of any snack platter, or an important accompaniment on a long hike.

The Handl Tyrol Quality Promise

DLG gold award for the best

The DLG gold award for the best is only awarded to companies that have succeeded in winning prizes over the course of the annual DLG-quality tests for over 5 years. Here at HANDL TYROL, we are especially proud of this award as it confirms consistent product quality over the course of 25 years.

  • choice meat
  • controlled origin
  • extremely careful selection of suppliers
  • tested product quality
  • internal and external inspections
Doodle Mountain HANDL TYROL
A tradition of over 100 years

For over a hundred years, Tyrolean raw sausage specialities have been a popular accompaniment on mountain tours, hikes, for a Tyrolean "Marend" (a typical snack) and for special occasions when you simply fancy an authentically-made raw sausage and a hunk of farmhouse bread.

Pfannenwender Handl Tyrol
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