Good health Tyrolean style

Fine Loin Light - 40% salt

3% fat and full flavour

Good health Tyrolean style – the Fine Loin Light is our way of helping you eat more healthily, with just 3% fat, less salt and a high proportion of protein, while enjoying taste at its fullest!

Fine Loin Light 3% fat less salt 70g Handl Tyrol Fine Loin Light on bread Handl Tyrol
Tender and soft
21 basilikum Handl Tyrol


traubegruen Handl Tyrol


frischkaeseschale Handl Tyrol

Cottage Cheese

gemuesesticks Handl Tyrol

Vegtable Sticks

pfefferschalebunt Handl Tyrol


Traditionally made

The new “Good healt Tyrolean style” product range combines traditions with contemporary nutrition. Selected, lean loins are refined with herbs using traditional techniques, lightly smoked over beech wood and air-dried in pure Tyrolean mountain air. Tender and soft on the tongue, Fine Loin Light is a real pleasure for any diet-conscious Tyrolean.

Fine Ham and Loin Light Specialities Handl Tyrol
  • Enjoy it lighter with just 3% fat
  • Full flavour with 40% less salt
  • Potassium-rich
  • Without additional flavour enhancers
  • Lactose-free and & gluten-free
Nutritional values / Ingredients

Goes perfectly with

White Wine
White Wine
17 Koriander einzeln viel Handl Tyrol


18 Korianderschale Handl Tyrol

Coriander Seeds

20 ruccola Handl Tyrol


natural spices Handl Tyrol

Refined with natural herbs and spices

The harmony of the specially selected herbs allows for a full-flavoured, aromatic taste with much less salt.

Special herbs for a full taste

Courgetti Carbonara

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Original Tiroler Spezialitäten Handl Tyrol
tomaten Handl Tyrol

Tomatoes & Basil

21 basilikum Handl Tyrol

Basil & Pepper

Honesty is the best policy

The constantly high quality and safety of our conscious specialities was and is at the heart of our company philosophy. Thanks to our passion for always doing better, HANDL TYROL guarantees only selected high quality cuts of meat from controlled origins, carefully selected suppliers and constant, independent internal and external inspections.

The Handl Tyrol Quality Promise

DLG gold award for the best

The DLG gold award for the best is only awarded to companies that have succeeded in winning prizes over the course of the annual DLG-quality tests for over 5 years. Here at HANDL TYROL, we are especially proud of this award as it confirms consistent product quality over the course of 25 years.

  • choice meat
  • controlled origin
  • extremely careful selection of suppliers
  • tested product quality
  • internal and external inspections
Balancing enjoyment and health

Due to today’s eating habits, we often eat unhealthy during the hectic rush of our day to day lives – too much fat, salt and sugar. Living consciously and reducing your calorie intake doesn’t have to mean missing out on flavour.

Enjoy more consciously

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