Good health tyrolean style
Balancing enjoyment and health

Good health tyrolean style
Balancing enjoyment and health

Good health tyrolean style
Balancing enjoyment and health

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Caring for your body and your health is increasingly important, and not just for us Tyroleans. Balancing enjoyment and health is our secret for tranquillity and satisfaction amidst the stress of every day life.

After all, only those who are content with themselves can go about their days carefree and full of energy. When it comes to this, a balanced diet, peace amid the beauty of nature and plenty of exercise in the fresh Tyrolean mountain air helps us to feel good in our skin. And with its range of low salt products “G'sund auf Tirolerisch”, HANDL TYROL has set about bringing together conscious eating and modern enjoyment.

Enjoyment and balance instead of strict abstention are the order of the day, because we Tyroleans love our regional specialities.

And it tastes especially good when we’ve worked up an appetite in the Tyrolean countryside. Did you know, for example, that the body burns up to 1000 calories in two hours of hiking? Mountain climbing is a great way of getting fit for sports fans, people who are watching their waistlines and everyone who wants to live a healthier, more energetic life.

It’s not just hiking that burns calories and that’s why we have compiled an overview of our favourite Tyrolean sports. Get your trainers on and get out into the fresh air!

Nutritional components

If you're looking after your health, you know that it’s important to avoid flavour enhancers, artificial flavours and colours. The composition of the 3 nutritional components is also a significant aspect of this. These three essential components are carbohydrates, protein and fat.

  • Carbohydrates provide the body with quickly accessible energy, which is important for muscles and brain.
  • Proteins are important materials for cells, bones and skin. They also provide the muscles with the power they need, for better performance in sports and everyday activities.
  • Fats are the real energy bombs. Nevertheless, the human body requires fats in order to take in vital vitamins. In comparison to proteins and carbohydrates, however, they provide a high density of energy and thus almost twice the calories. It is therefore important to ensure moderate fat consumption as part of a health and figure-conscious diet!

The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends a daily energy intake of 2000 kcal/8400 kJ for adults.

We suggest: less sodium, more potassium

It’s not just fat, sugar and additives that can negatively impact on our health. High consumption of table salt also increases various risks. At 10g, the average Austrian consumes twice the recommended amount of salt. In high quantities, this increases blood pressure and can cause circulatory complaints.  

However, it is not easy to reduce levels of salt in the production of raw ham. For our “G'sund auf Tirolerisch” range, HANDL TYROL also uses a healthier salt alternative in order to ensure flavour and product reliability.

Potassium is a vital mineral which supports muscles, normal blood pressure and the nervous system. Potassium-rich foods such as nuts and beans are, however, unfortunately to be found increasingly less in today’s diet. We recommend a potassium to sodium ratio of 2:1 within a sensible diet.