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Tyrolean Beef Chips

Protein-rich snacks

The Tyrolean Beef Chips are low in fat and particularly rich in protein, which makes them the ideal power snack after your daily workout. Additionally they make for an original party snack or accompaniment for a good glass of wine - especially for all beef fans!

Tiroler Beef Chips appetizer beef chips
Crispy & delicious
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Sea Salt

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Cottage Cheese

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Spice Mix

Tradition, reinterpreted

For the Tyrolean Beef Chips only especially lean beef is selected and refined with carfully chosen herbs and spices. Then thin slices are cut and dried in a hot-air oven, until the chips are deliciously crunchy. The light protein snack is then refined with a savoury topping for an even more exciting snacking pleasure.

Schale Beef Chips
  • Only 8% fat
  • 80% of the energy from protein
  • Crisp in bite
  • Without additional flavour enhancers
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free
  • Free from added colours
Nutritional values / Ingredients

Best enjoyed

Protein provider
Protein provider
Glass of wine
Glass of wine
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Cycling tour
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Sea Salt

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Protein-rich snack with low fat content

With 80% of the energy coming from protein and a fat content of only 8%, Tyrolean Beef Chips are an ideal source of energy for diet-conscious chip fans. This also makes them a natural and tasty alternative to classic protein bars or shakes after your workout.

Rich in protein and low fat
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Tomatoes & Basil

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Honesty is the best policy

The constantly high quality and safety of all HANDL TYROL bacon, ham, raw sausage and roast specialities was and is at the core of our company philosophy. Thanks to our passion for always doing better, HANDL TYROL guarantees only selected high quality cuts of meat from controlled origins, carefully selected suppliers and constant, independent internal and external inspections.

The Handl Tyrol Quality Promise

DLG gold award for the best

The DLG gold award for the best is only awarded to companies that have succeeded in winning prizes over the course of the annual DLG-quality tests for over 15 years. Here at HANDL TYROL, we are especially proud of this award as it confirms consistent product quality over the course of many years.

  • choice meat
  • controlled origin
  • extremely careful selection of suppliers
  • tested product quality
  • internal and external inspections
Sporty and diet-conscious people enjoy protein-rich snacks!

Tyrolean Beef Chips are the health-conscious alternative to fatty, carbohydrate-rich potato chips. Because the crispy protein sources allow for tasty snacking without feeling guilty. Everyone knows that protein-rich products are an important component of balanced nutrition – whether as a source of energy during sports or as the motor for a successful diet!

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