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Fine Barbecue Bacon

In season

When summer arrives in Tyrol, the fires are stoked and the grills are brought out. So it’s the perfect time for some crispy Fine Barbecue Bacon.

HT Grillspeck ohne AMA Tyrolean barbecue bacon with asparagus Handl Tyrol
Herby, savoury flavour
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Barbecue Sauce

Traditionally made

Only the highest quality pieces of meat are chosen for Fine Barbecue Bacon. They are the rubbed with natural herbs, dry-cured, lightly smoked over beech wood and dried. This is how they get their savoury flavour.

Tyrolean barbecue speck with potatoes Handl Tyrol
  • Particularly crips when grilled, thanks to its special cut
  • Ideal salt content
  • Without additional flavour enhancers
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free
Nutritional values / Ingredients

Goes perfectly with

Corn on the cob
Corn on the cob
Grilled vegetables
Grilled vegetables
Baked potatoes
Baked potatoes
Barbecue skewers
Barbecue skewers
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Sea Salt

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Ham-wrapped Filled Jalapeños Handl Tyrol

A hearty grill experience

Barbecue Bacon, made from juicy pork belly - well-streaked and perfect for grilling. Each slice is 2 mm thick, the perfect thickness for covering fish, meat and vegetables, or for barbecue skewers. Carefully and crisply cooked over the grill, Tyrolean Fine Barbecue Speck is a real experience for anyone looking for something hearty.

Original Tiroler Spezialitäten Handl Tyrol
tomaten Handl Tyrol

Tomatoes & Basil

21 basilikum Handl Tyrol

Basil & Pepper

Honesty is the best policy

The constantly high quality and safety of all HANDL TYROL speck, ham, raw sausage and roast specialities was and is at the core of our company philosophy. Thanks to our passion for always doing better, HANDL TYROL guarantees only selected high quality cuts of meat from controlled origins, carefully selected suppliers and constant, independent internal and external inspections.

The Handl Tyrol Quality Promise

DLG gold award for the best

The DLG gold award for the best is only awarded to companies that have succeeded in winning prizes over the course of the annual DLG-quality tests for over 5 years. Here at HANDL TYROL, we are especially proud of this award as it confirms consistent product quality over the course of 25 years.

  • choice meat
  • controlled origin
  • extremely careful selection of suppliers
  • tested product quality
  • internal and external inspections
Home-made barbecue skewers

- 20 cm wooden skewers
- Fine Barbecue Bacon
- Various types of meat
- Various types of vegetable

Step 1: For perfect skewers, fold a slice of Fine Barbecue Bacon along the breadth.

Step 2: Run the Fine Barbecue Bacon through the upper end of the skewer and alternate between adding pieces of meat (and vegetables) until the end.

Step 3: Fix a cocktail tomato to the upper and bottom ends of the skewer.

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