Fiery hot
Pairing original Tyrolean Specialities with Chili

Fiery hot
Pairing original Tyrolean Specialities with Chili

Fiery hot
Pairing original Tyrolean Specialities with Chili

Tyrolean raw sausage with aromatic chilli notes

With its fiery spice and southern flavours, the chilli pepper has become a popular ingredient in the product of our original Tyrolean raw sausage specialities.

For example, for the fiery Tyrolean Chilliwurzerl, the sausage meat is spiced with selected chilli peppers before being lightly smoked over beech wood and then left to mature in the pure Tyrolean mountain air.

Choosing the right chilli for the right degree of spiciness

At HANDL TYROL fans, fiery savoury flavours are enjoying increased popularity. It’s important that, alongside the traditional handmade production of sausage, the type and quantity of chilli pepper is perfectly balanced.

For example, jalapeños are used for the spicy Tyrolini. These possess a pleasant heat which does not last long, but occurs with every bite.

The Tyrolean Chilliwurzerl take their aromatic spice from Bird’s Eye chilli peppers. These chillies are known for an intense and direct heat, a ‘hot tip’ for those who like it hot and spicy.

Different types of chillies differ both according to flavour and degree of heat. A degree of 200,000 Scoville means that a single drop of that chilli requires 200,000 drops of water to neutralise it, so that the spice can no longer be tasted.

The Jalapeño

​The Jalapeño Chilli is one of the world’s best-known chilli peppers and possesses a milder heat. The fruit of the jalapeño is around 7 to 8 cm long and can be distinguished from other types of chillies by its round tip.

Once the fruit is ripe, its colour changes from green to a rich red. Its heat is between 2,500 to 8000 Scoville. Jalapeño chilli peppers have a sour flavour similar to capsicum. They are fruity and mildly spicy.
The Bird’s Eye chilli

​The Bird’s Eye chilli is one of the hotter chillies. It is also known as “Thai chilli” and originally comes from Africa. Its fruits are typically 2-3 cm long and come in green, orange or red.

Its heat is between 100,000 to 225,000 Scoville. The Bird’s Eye chilli pepper has a sharp, intense and direct heat which quickly dissipates.