Our AMA supplier Marcher Fleischwerke

Our AMA supplier Marcher Fleischwerke

Our AMA supplier Marcher Fleischwerke

Modern and innovative, paired with long tradition

Similar to HANDL TYROL, also the Marcher Fleischwerke are a traditional Austrian family-run company. It was founded in 1929 as a lifestock trading company and is run by the third generation today. At the centre of the Marcher company philosophy stand regionally responsible actions as well as the production of high-quality, sustainable products. This becomes evident in fulfilling the numerous criteria of the AMA-quality-seal, which guarantees complete traceablity of raw materials as well as excellent quality.

One of the focus points are also short ways of transport, which contribute to animal welfare and consequently also highest quality meat. Furthermore Marcher distinguishes itself in most modern production technologies, strict hygiene regulations as well as a respectful relationship with the animals within the process. With all those criteria, Marcher meets HANDL TYROL's high standards for quality and hygiene and is a valuable partner.

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Norbert Marcher GmbH
Kasernengasse 12
9524 Villach Austria

Tel.: +43 (0)4242 / 41555
E-mail: office@marcher.at