Masters' Selection

Loin with pepper

Refined with ground pepper

With a mild, fine peppery taste - the pink peppercorns create a harmonious composition together with the coarsely-ground black pepper. A perfect liaison with a delicate, peppery taste.

Meisterauslese Pfeffer Karree Pfeffer für Karree
Pfefferkörner dunkel Handl Tyrol

black pepper

Rosa Pfeffer

pink pepper

pfefferschalebunt Handl Tyrol
9 Salzschale dunkel Handl Tyrol

sea salt

The great art of "Speck" refinement

In its most common form, the process known as 'refining' or 'affiner' in French involves the care of cheese, intensifiying and refining its taste - in other words, refining it until it reaches the perfect level of maturity and peak in flavour. With our Masters' Selection, we have now succeeded in passing this special type of taste refinement on to cured meats - or 'Speck', as we Tyroleans call it.

  • Refined by a master's hand
  • A month of extra maturing time in the pepper refinery
  • Full taste experience
  • No flavour enhancers added
  • Lactose and gluten free


Nutritional values / Ingredients

Goes perfectly with

Red Wine
Red Wine
Meisterauslese Siegel Handl Tyrol
rosa und schwarzer pfeffer

pink and black pepper

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Select refining ingredients

We place the highest priority in the use of highest quality raw materials. For our Masters' Selection we also exclusively use select herbs and spices, like our harmonious composition of ground black and pink pepper.

Quality Guarantee
refined by hand

Made by a master's hand

The art of Speck refinement requires a wide range of product knowledge and experience with regards to the nature of cured meats, which we at HANDL TYROL have possessed for over 100 years, and which is passed on to each new generation of Master Curers.

The refining of Speck

For the HANDL TYROL Masters' Selection, fine dry-cured loins are steered in their special taste direction by rubbing the selected refining ingredients in by hand. The following, especially developed maturing process is a well kept secret of our Master Curers. It allows the loins to fully absorb the flavour for a full taste explosion.

  • select high-quality meat
  • refined with natural herbs and spices
  • produced with love and care
  • lactose and gluten free
  • no flavour enhancers added
Five flavours for gourmets

Our Masters' Selection represents Tyrolean culinary culture at its finest. The five different flavours pepper, truffle, paprika-chilli, mountain herbs and stone pine & honey cater to the demanding needs of true gourmets and everyone looking for a special treat!

Discover the 5 flavours

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